Now more than ever, I believe it is important for musicians, artists and creatives of all types to have ways of earning income online. 

It’s also important that some of these income streams can be “passive.”

Passive is not about selling the myth of easy money for no work. There will be plenty involved. 

It is about setting yourself up with ways to generate a strong supplement, or even foundational income that is not a direct exchange of your time for money.

Where sales and commissions can be deposited into your account from material that exists online, without you having to manually deliver it to the customer. 

 The videos below are intended to give you an understanding of different approaches and strategies, with real world examples, of how you can set yourself up to do just that.  Everything in here is based on personal experience, and does not require you to be a household name, have 200,000 YouTube subscribers, or start a Patreon. There are many solutions that apply to many situations. 

Below the videos you will find links to some of the resources discussed and more, which can be updated as things change.

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 I hope you find this information useful and applicable. There is obviously a lot more that can be said and demonstrated about this. Please leave any comments or questions either on this blog post below, or in the YouTube comment sections of any of the videos. 

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Video 1 – Overview / Mindset  |  Video 2 – Affiliate Income  |  Video 3 – Online Courses


Affiliate Links to Resources:


Teachable – the course building platform used by several colleagues of mine and featured in the video. Very easy to use, and takes most of the headaches out of the technical side of hosting online courses. 

Thinkific – a robust platform that lets you do courses as well as memberships, online classrooms and more. 

Selling Content on your WordPress Site

Digital Access Pass – This is what I use for my own material, and have setup for others to use as well. You can read and/or watch a pretty thorough review about DAP from me by clicking here


Other Tools and Resources

Christian Howes’ Music Business Mastermind – a course and group with coaching from Chris about how to navigate and offer services of all sorts. Played a role in my creation of this material 

SiteGround – The best hosting platform I have used if you are using WordPress for something like Digital Access Pass

Acuity Scheduling – An easy way for people to book you for lessons or other services. 

To see how it looks, you can click this link which is where I offer consulting on this subject

If you would like private consultation on how to implement any of these for yourself, you can click on the button below. I also am able to do technical work, ranging from building out an online classroom for you to much smaller projects or troubleshooting. 


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