Business, Online and Teaching Income Courses with Chris Howes

Since 2020 I have had the great pleasure of working with Christian Howes, a renowned jazz violinist (we’ve worked together musically for over 10 years,) pioneer in the online teaching space and business coach. 


Even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become important for musicians to have a variety of skills related to running your own business, teaching and promoting online, how to generate passive and recurring income from your content and more.

Together, the two of us bring years of experience on different fronts. I have a lot of technical experience and have helped musicians and teachers of many backgrounds run workshops, online classrooms, products and more on almost every platform you can name (Kajabi, Thinkific, DAP, Teachable and more,) as well as a background in meditation and inner work that can help address the emotional and other stresses of this work. 

Here are some of our courses and ways you can learn from us directly. 

Get Better Results For Your Students, Earn More Income and Save Time with Better Online Teaching

This mini-workshop will help you fill your studio in 2 weeks, without relying on Google listings for inquiries.